Extraordinary Dreams.

Brought to life.

Extraordinary Dreams

Brought to Life

Your relationship is a work of art.

And your ceremony is extremely important to you.

You want something special, flexible, creative – maybe a bit unconventional.

That’s Nuptivity.


Discovery & Design

(The Platform for our work)

An in-person meeting focuses on your story and the vision for your ceremony. Then I work on your ceremony, incorporating all the elements that express your vision.

Vows & Toasts

I give you expert help to create your own personalized vows. I also help your best man, best friend, parent or other designee craft a memorable toast. You don’t have to be a current client to engage me for this service!

“A wonderful experience! Ruth was not only available every step of the process, but she assisted in helping the wedding party understand their roles, the wedding procedure and more! The rehearsal was very much needed and went swimmingly, thanks to her guidance. She customized the ceremony with the story of how the couple met and their love for each other. Ruth was professional, kind, insightful and most of all, genuine.”

Lori Sparks

Your wedding day is your time to make a statement about your loving commitment to make a life together.  Nuptivity allows you some room to do this your way. It focuses on the artistry of this most important aspect of your wedding, with a ceremony that may be spiritual or humanistic – but not religious. 

Ruth Sternberg - Nuptivity

Your wedding day is your time to make a statement about your loving commitment to make a life together.  A professional Celebrant can help you create a sacred space in which to feel embraced by your family and friends. A Celebrant is also an officiant, who designs and conducts your ceremony, and signs your paperwork. Nuptivity focuses on ceremonies that may be spiritual, but not necessarily religious – or that may be humanistic rather than spiritual. 

Nuptivity Weddings
Nuptivity service - wedding ceremonies
Nuptivity - Bespoke Wedding Ceremonies for Unconventional Couples

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