We are here. It is now. Don’t miss it!

It’s time.

After all the stress and decision-making, the moment has come to walk down the aisle. You feel great. Your hair looks good. Your alterations are perfect! Your partner will be waiting for you at the front. Everyone is cued up to walk in, timed perfectly to the music.

But your mind is spinning: “It looks like it might rain. I hope the ring bearer doesn’t have a tantrum. (Did we remember the rings??) I hope the cake doesn’t melt! What if I trip in these shoes?”

Then you remember, amid the chaos: “Oh, yeah. I’m marrying the love of my life.”

This, after all, is why you’re here.

Some of the most difficult moments of the wedding are held in those few minutes before you take your walk toward to married life. You are standing in unfamiliar territory. Your life together is unwritten. It feels exciting, but uncertain. You are about to change your identity.

It is important to take a few minutes before you take your vows and breathe in this moment. After all, no matter how long you’ve been shopping, planning, and thinking about this glorious day, all of that chaos is now in the past. Every moment becomes the past. All that remains is now.

I love this quote:

“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have. Make the Now the primary focus of your life.”
― Eckhart Tolle

As you move toward your wedding ceremony, savor the walk down the aisle, the look on your partner’s face, the fragrance of the flowers. This is real. It’s not a bad way to view the rest of your life.

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