Do you argue about money? Do you find yourselves locked in a battle of wills over a new purchase, or endlessly disagreeing about whether and how much to save?

You’re not alone. And you could be headed for trouble down the line.

Couples who disagree about their finances once a week or more are 30 percent more likely to divorce.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid it:

Be honest about the debt you owe. Your credit will be incredibly important. It’s best to know going in what the problems are and develop a plan to resolve them.

Decide how you will approach unexpected expenses. Will you put money in a “slush fund” for emergencies? Will you sell an asset?

Decide how to handle the bills. Often, one partner is better at tracking and handling the finances. It’s a good idea to know how all of that will be handled, so you don’t find yourself caught short and – literally – sitting in the dark!

Discuss how the banking will be handled. Some couples like joint accounts, while others prefer separate finances. It’s a good idea to know what the arrangement will be, especially when it comes to tracking household expenses and paying bills.


Finances are one aspect of a marriage. But it all begins on your special day with your ceremony. Contact me to talk about designing a custom ceremony that reflects your feelings, values, and interests.

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