Getting married is such a singular event in your life.  Your ceremony should be singular, too.

I’m often disappointed when I hear about (or attend) ceremonies that don’t say anything specific to the couple getting married. The words sound pretty. But truthfully, any couple could be standing there and they would still apply.

It’s one thing to grab a reading that sounds, in a vacuum, as the perfect sentiment for a wedding. It’s easy. You only have to troll the Web to find hundreds of suggestions. I say, in that case, why pay someone to perform your ceremony?

A Celebrant who is a true artist will take the time to find out something about you and spend a lot of time to build a ceremony that says those things. 

I believe that to do its job, a ceremony has to:

  • Be Original
  • Reflect your interests and values
  • Be rule-free
  • Result in that feeling you are seeking as you begin your marriage journey


Do you agree? Share your experiences! What was your favorite original touch from a recent wedding ceremony?


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